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      Product Drawings Resource Center | Optical Communications | Corning

      Product Drawings Resource Center

      Product Drawings Resource Center

      Welcome to the Corning LANscape? Solutions Product Drawings Resource Center, your complete source for our optical hardware component drawings.

      The two-dimensional and isometric hardware products drawings are available in PDF (Adobe? Acrobat?), DXF (AutoCAD?), VSS (Visio? Stencil) formats, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects for Revit?, and can be downloaded and inserted into your bid specifications and designs.

      Before use of any Corning hardware drawing, please refer to the usage guidelines.

      Software Requirements

      • WinZip? or a similar program to unzip (decompress) the DXF drawing files
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF drawing files
      • AutoCAD, Free DWG Viewer? by Brava!? or a similar program to view the DXF drawing files
      • Microsoft? Visio, Visio Viewer or a similar program to view the Visio Stencil (VSS) drawing files
      • Autodesk? Revit to view the Building Information Models (BIMs)