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      What is FlexNAP? System??

      What is FlexNAP??

      What is FlexNAP??

      The FlexNAP? system is our innovative, preconnectorized cable solution for fiber-to-the-home networks. This preconnectorized solution is factory engineered to fit your exact specifications.


      The Corning FlexNAP outside plant system provides the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks, at speeds significantly faster than traditional field installations. The solution can be installed up to five times faster per network access point, helping operators build networks quickly and deliver reliable connectivity at a competitive cost. See FlexNAP In Action in our case studies, where industry leaders share their experience with our preconnectorized solutions.

      The FlexNAP? System has 4 Product Elements

      The FlexNAP? System has 4 Product Elements

      The FlexNAP system utilizes optical fiber cables upon which network access points are pre-installed at customer-specified locations along the length of the cable.

      Waste-Water Preterminated access point engineered onto the distribution cable

      Tether Assembly


      Standard Distribution Cable


      Evolv? Terminal Assembly


      Reduces Total CostReduced Total Cost
      By reducing skilled labor, this often saves $25 per home on an all-in home passed? basis.

      Increase Speed of DeploymentIncreased Speed of Deployment
      The FlexNAP System offers up to 5x faster deployment compared to traditional deployments.

      Concentrated Fiber Splice LocationsConcentrated Fiber Splice Locations
      Go simpler with 80% fewer field splice locations and up to 70% fewer splices total when compared to traditional deployments.

      Backed by Corning ExpertiseBacked by Corning Expertise
      Engineering Design. Field Support. Widespread Adoption.

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