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      Corning's Response to

      Fighting the pandemic

      The role of Corning Valor? Glass in a COVID-19 world

      The role of Corning Valor? Glass in a COVID-19 world

      Since the pandemic began, Corning has been working to do our part in the fight against COVID-19. Along with keeping our employees, facilities, and communities safe, we’ve been working around the clock to manufacture our Corning Valor? Glass vials to help with delivery of vaccines. Read more about Valor Glass below.

      The story of Corning Valor? Glass

      The story of Corning Valor? Glass

      Learn how Corning’s 100-plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry led to the development of a new category of glass. Our Valor Glass is a manifestation of the company’s strategic framework, which enables Corning to continue creating world-changing products.

      Deploying Resources for Good

      Business Continuity & Preparedness

      Latest News