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      LEAD | Careers | Corning


      Our MBA Leadership Development program (LEAD) prepares you to be a part of Corning’s next generation of business leaders.


      Do you share our same passions?

      Are you looking for a values-driven company working on world changing innovations?

      How the Leadership Development program works

      The path you follow after successful completion of your first role will take into account a blend of your career interests and Corning’s business needs. After you complete your first role, you will have the opportunity to work in two additional roles within different parts of the organization, to help build an initial network of subject matter experts and company leaders. You’ll gain broad organizational knowledge through your roles and learn about our key technologies and Market-Access Platforms. And, most importantly, throughout the MBA leadership development program, you will be expected to deliver results against our business and financial objectives.

      Program alumni have risen quickly to key business and functional roles.

      What you'll do after the Leadership Development program

      What we're looking for

      What we're looking for

      Desired Skills
      • Solid analytical skill
      • Intellectual curiosity
      • Strong presentation skills
      • Demonstrated leadership


      Required Skills

      • Current enrollment in a top-tier MBA program
      • U.S. Work Authorization


      Have a question? Want to learn more?

      Contact Us!