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      Dr. Eugene Sullivan

      Established Corning's first R&D organization and lab facility in 1908.

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      Dr. S. Donald Stookey

      Discovered CorningWare? glass-ceramics and photosensitive glasses.

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      Dr. William H. Armistead

      Presided over one of the richest innovation periods in Corning's history.

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      Dr. Martin Nordberg

      Developed the Vycor brand glasses for advanced technical applications.

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      Harrison P. Hood

      Invented refractory materials that prolonged the lifespan of glass melting systems.

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      Dr. J.T. Littleton

      Characterized fundamental glass properties and discovered Pyrex? bakeware.

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      James W. Giffen

      Revolutionized the glass industry with innovative manufacturing processes.

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      Dr. William Chittenden Taylor

      Shaped Corning's leadership in glass composition chemistry for many decades.

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      Dr. James Franklin Hyde

      Invented the flame hydrolysis process which led to high purity glass and silicones.

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