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      Advanced Optics | Advanced Optical Solutions, Components and Material Technologies | Corning

      Solving the world’s toughest optical challenges through
      advanced optical materials, systems, and design

      Corning Advanced Optics is a global leader in providing cutting-edge material and optical solutions that serve a variety of commercial markets including semiconductor manufacturing, microfabrication, consumer electronics, and more. We provide trusted capabilities to see a project through from design to testing.

      Corning’s unmatched expertise in specialty glass and optical physics results in a diverse set of advanced optical products and components from industry-leading materials such as HPFS? and ULE? to full optical systems including automated laser glass-cutting and non-contact metrology instruments.

      The Advanced Optics businesses include Corning Laser Technologies for laser processing machines, Optical Materials and Technologies for manufacturing materials and full optical systems, Precision Glass Solutions for glass wafers enabling mobile consumer electronics, and Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics for applications including medical X-ray shielding.

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      In The News

      Corning Launches Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers

      Corning Launches Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers


      Corning Incorporated today announced the launch of its new Ultra-Low TTV Glass Carrier Wafers, which enable advanced semiconductor manufacturing as well as applications for 5G connectivity.

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      Corning Acquires Saint-Gobain’s Shielding and Optics Business Unit

      Corning Acquires Saint-Gobain’s Shielding and Optics Business Unit


      Corning Incorporated today announced the acquisition of Saint-Gobain’s Shielding and Optics business unit, which includes Saint-Gobain Sovis radiation shielding and optics business, in Jouarre, France, and Hot Cell Services, in Kent, Washington, U.S.

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